Last year, I have the luck to visit Italy for some days. The trip to Italy start very big, indeed the border of this country is made of the most extensive and highest mountain range of Europe. We stop in a young hostel for a night in a little village in the “Vallée d’Aoste” close to the Swiss border. The view was fabulous, with a sunrise over the mountain ridge and, on the other side, the sun lighting the mountain face. Later, we go for a walk on a mountain with a view on the Matterhorn. After some hours of hiking, we reach the “Bec del Pio Merlo” with an altitude of 2620 m. Up to date I never walk to a higher peak. The view was spectacular, building feel so small from there… After this day of hiking and a good night, we decide to reach the Atlantic Ocean, more precisely “La Spezia” with the iconic “Cinque Terre”. The Cinque Terre is a set of 5 villages with colorful houses overlooking the ocean. We visit the Riomaggiore village, it is surrounded by an artificial breakwater. This breakwater allows to take pictures from the ocean and also to avoid most of the other tourists. Normally a road called “Love Walk” allows people to walk from one Terre to another, but it was closed for a while.

To conclude, Italy has some very beautiful landscape and mountain. This trip was very fun and I think I will return to see other landscapes and also visit the fours other Terre.