Electrolux home appliances (like dishwasher/tumble dryer/washing machines) have a common breakdown. I already have to repair 2 tumble dryers and a dishwasher. The breakdown is simple, you have power until the main board and then no power on the dashboard. When you call a repairman, they give you a quote of 200 euros to replace the main board. On the main board you will see a broken resistor. This resistor is connected to the LinkSwitch, a very low power AC-DC power converter. This resistor is used as a fuse for the LinkSwitch. If the LinkSwitch dies, the resistor is blown and the rest of the board stay safe.

The repair is simple. We just need to replace the link switch and the resistor. The link switch can be removed using a rework station (at 300/350°C) and some flux. For the resistor it’s a simple through hole component that is simple to remove.

We need to buy a new LinkSwitch (LNK304GN) and a resistor 47 Ohm 400V between 2 and 5 W (typically 2 or 3 W but the data-sheet give an example of 5 W) . This resistor needs to be “anti surge” and flameproof has it is used as a fuse. In my case I have used a 3 W resistor that seems bigger than the replaced one (2 W). To check if the new LinkSwitch works, we need to check if there is no short cut between the pins 5 and 7 (the pin around the missing pin). A value between 0 and 100 Ohm is considered as a shortcut. Take the time to check the continuity to avoid replacing again the resistor if the new LinkSitwch is bad.

Lave-vaisselles Electrolux ESI66065XR