This year I have taken for the first time an aircraft to Ireland. I have enjoyed the fly, the sea and the sky have a deeper blue than on the ground. One hour of flight, some wind turbines and beautiful cloud later, it’s time for the landing. The landing was stressful but goes very well. The trip starts in emotion with my girlfriend waiting for me at the gate.

In the evening, we walked in the city of Dublin. This city is beautiful, day and night. On the day, you can visit the “Trinity College” is this a very old university with very beautiful building and flower beds. Dublin has wide avenues and a lot of pubs with different atmospheres (they sell a lot of beers and ciders!) also some pubs have local music groups in the evening.

After tree days in Dublin I go home to Belgium, one month later, I come a second time to Ireland but I don’t stay the entire weekend in Dublin. We plan a trip to Galway, a city in the west of Ireland, lots wilder and greener. A perfect time to take some beautiful landscapes as you can see above. I have really enjoyed these two trips to Ireland, this is a beautiful country with a lot of different landscapes. This country has a lot of nature reserves and I cannot wait to go back to visit more of theses.