I regularly see ads announcing Slovenia as the greenest country for tourism. These ads show Slovenia as the most suitable country based on these commitments against climate change and also these investments to keep the nature, the culture and the heritage safe. This country is very beautiful. All rivers have wonderful color. Lakes have crystal clear water and there are trees and forest everywhere. I have slept in a hostel with a very welcoming manager. The hostel was modern but at the same time very old school (in old wood and decoration)… a Slovenian stamp.
Another advantage of Slovenia, they are cheap, you can eat very good local food.

We choose to go in Slovenia for these landscapes, for example, the iconic Bled Lake. We also have the luck to have the hostel in the middle of nowhere and a clear night with the perfect weather to see the milky way. After saying it I understand why old people have faith… we are only star dust and the sky is so mystic. As you may understand, I have loved this trip to Slovenia. Here are some pictures I have taken over there. As the hostel was close to hiking paths we have made one of them. Another luck was to have a storm when we went to Bled, the view on the lake was insane and almost all tourists have left the photo spot (found in this video).

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