Last week, I have the opportunity to go to a conference in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse (South of France) close to a National Parc. The accommodation was placed in the south of the village and then no artificial light was visible towards the Mily Way at night. I have taken with me my camera and a star tracker to try taking pictures of the Milky Way with low ISO and a very long exposure.
The weather was not mild, each night was clouded excepted for one night. So I had only two hours to try the star tracker and take some pictures. I went to a vineyard inside to “Les Jardins de Saint Benoît” accommodation at 2 am and take multiple photographs. The following picture are the results of the fusion of an exposure of the ground (with a blurry sky) and another of the sky (with a blurry ground).


The brightest star is in fact not a star but the reflection of the sun on Jupiter. I add a view of the sky at the same time from Stelarium if you want to see no other star names.